End slavery in Lybia

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We call upon the SADC and the region I Am hailing from to vehemently condemn slavery which is not only wrong but shameful since the culprits are fellow Africans who as the rest of the African inhabitants share slavery history perpetrated in the 1700's.

We are AFRICANS and its by uniting that then we will stand forever or by division and classifying a person by their skin color and social status that we fall. We believe in UBUNTU,Giving a hand to a fellow brother and sister who is in great need.
We demand an end to slavery and human trafficking without compensation.

I know you as me are passionate to see Africa grow,I call for public education (teach the masses on this case) so that this act is not seen again in the future,if we educate our citizens and make them see the damage of slavery then clearly people will follow.
We lead by example,it starts with us and we shall push for safe nations where fear and struggles become a thing of the past.

It is imperative that Africa understands that this is damaging to our future and it's everyone's responsibility to build our nations in harmony and see through a brighter tomorrow.
Individuals who fail to comprehend must be apprehended by the law immediately and face charges against their acts.THIS HAS TO STOP!

Help them,together we can!

Thank you so much for making Africa a better place.