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Keep the hilarious drag queen commercial on air!


This advertisement has been criticized by the transgender community for disregarding their feelings on the subject of menstruation. They feel the ad should be pulled and that Libra should change their slogan "Libra Gets Girls". The general gist of the argument is that the ad is specifically interpreted as a personal attack on the transgender community because it infers that you are not a "real" woman if you don't menstruate. Therefore, it is a "Trans-phobic" commercial and must be hidden from society before everyone gets the wrong idea.

My wonderful girlfriends, trans, drag and biological, all feel this is an attempt by the trans community to inflict a type of censorship that will send a clear message to the straight, gay and drag community that they must not under any circumstances divulge the humorous side to the reality that is in fact THEIR LIVES. This reality may offend some people in the trans community, but how is it the fault of Libra? Taking the ad away does not change the fact that drag queens and transgendered individuals do not menstruate and commonly use female bathrooms. Should we hide the fact that biological women menstruate in case we hurt the feelings of all non-menstruating woman around the World?

If Libra pull this advertisement on behalf of the transgender community they are censoring the right for people to talk openly about the modern age World where you DO bump into drag queens in the toilet at a nightclub and have a giggle at each other, or find yourself having something interesting to talk about when you leave the bathroom.

This ad promotes healthy discussion and a healthy attitude about a very true reality that young women and drags can relate to. It is fun and interesting and very bold.

If anything the petitions to stop the ad are prejudice against biological women and drag queens.

If you would like to continue seeing more of these ads and keep the current campaign on television, please sign this petition!

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