Successive federal governments have failed the Murray Darling River and water catchments

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The ancient Murray Darling River and it's catchment are the main artery of Central Australia. This river system supplies drinking water to many tiny towns and indigenous communities who have been resident at Menidee Lakes for 70,000 years . The flushing keeps the health all of the environment all the way to the sea in South Australia.

Right now the Darling and Menindee Lakes. should not be dry or in such poor health. Successive governments have failed the people of Australia because greed and the self serving need to win against the Greens was more important than looking after the future of our children and country.

Ten years ago substantial money was put aside to protect this river. The mismanagement of that money needs to be the subject of an enquiry with appropriate legal action taken against all those responsible for that mismanagement.

BUY BACK CUDDIE NOW! End cotton farming on this River System now or face court for your individual act's of treason against this countries residents.