Disciplinary action for Zaobao reporter (who harassed Jayley Woo) & his editor

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Singaporeans woke up to the devastating news on 24 January that local actor Aloysius Pang had passed away while on reservist in New Zealand. While his friends and colleagues were still reeling from shock and posting heartbreaking tributes on social media, Aloysius's girlfriend Jayley Woo, and her twin sister Hayley Woo, both local actors, were pestered, harassed and coerced into granting an interview with Chinese paper Lianhe Zaobao reporter Hong Ming Hua.


1) Journalist pesters S’porean actress Jayley Woo over WhatsApp to talk about Aloysius Pang

2) Xiaxue & S’pore netizens lambaste journalist who allegedly pestered Jayley Woo to talk about Aloysius Pang

3) Journalist who allegedly pestered Jayley Woo posts apology on Instagram

Judging from the barrage of angry comments left on Hong Ming Hua's Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/hongmenyan/), I can safely say that I am not alone in feeling the outrage from seeing this reporter absolutely overstepping the boundaries of professional journalism.

This is straight up harassment. Saying things like:

"This is the price that a public figure has to pay",

"A person only dies once",

"You sure you are suited to be a celebrity with this mindset?", and

"But if in the end it’s because you didn’t handle this properly
And it becomes an unfavourable consequence
It shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the media
You are responsible too"

is emotional blackmail, pure and simple. It shows the absolute lack of empathy this reporter has - traits that reporters, of all people, should demonstrate when covering sensitive stories such as these.

Hong Ming Hua later apologised on his Instagram page, but he clearly did so with no remorse, and only because he was called out by hundreds of angry and outraged Singaporeans.

Will he get away scot-free after what he has done?

By remaining silent on this matter, Lianhe Zaobao and SPH are implicitly condoning this reporter's actions, and if no actions were to be taken against Hong Ming Hua, there is no doubt that this reporter will continue to pursue such underhand, despicable tactics in his pursuit of so-called 'journalism'.

If he stands by his actions, then he should also be prepared to face the consequences. 

Please consider signing this petition to make it clear to Lianhe Zaobao and SPH that Singaporeans are disgusted, and absolutely do not condone such behaviour by reporters. I ask that SPH please lead by example and show us Singaporeans that our country's journalism standards are better than this.

(P/S: If you are asked to contribute money after signing this petition, do note that this money is being requested by Change.org, and all proceeds will go to them. The purpose of this movement is for action to be taken, not to raise funds. No one requires any money for this. Your willingness to sign this petition and share it with your family and friends is sufficient and would be most appreciated. Thank you!!)