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Stop Instagram from Being Homophobic and Sexist

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Hi, I'm Alex, the owner of @lesbians.ok on Instagram. I've recently noticed that instagram is not only removing posts that in their opinion "contain nudity" , but also a lot of lgbtq pics, now, I'm talking about pictures of people with clothes on, just kissing. There have been times where my posts of two girls just kissing, with clothes on -which Instagrams sexist rules should approve of-, have been deleted for no reason, and when I tried contacting Instagram, I'd get no answer. We've all seen a lot of what they call explicit pictures of straight couples being posted, but they don't get deleted, but when it comes to two gay people just simply showing their love to the world, Instagram's fast to take down their pictures.

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media is where a lot of gay kids turn to when they cant be accepted for their sexuality where they live, lgbtq+ accounts are there to support these people, to let them know they're loved, no matter what; and for instagram workers to just delete everything they see that doesn't contain a straight couple, gives a message to people that you won't be supported anyway, even on social media. 

Now, we all know that lesbian accounts and pictures get deleted a lot more, and that's also something to talk about. Instagram is sexualizing everything women do, even if it's just kissing. That's wrong, it makes us women feel bad about ourselves, like we can't do anything in the world without someone sexualizing our actions.

Instagram is a big community, instagram workers shouldn't be giving wrong messages to the world, it's wrong, it's hurtful, and it's disgusting. 

Please help try to make a change, sign this petition, contact Instagram if needed, this should be stopped. We're living in the 21'st century, no one should feel like they're not supported enough for their sexuality and gender.

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