LGBT unity

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If we can't build bridges within our community, how will the world build them with us?

Over the past years, the LGBT has become more divided than ever before. While our community has increasingly grown, it has also become toxic. We may come together for Pride each year but we forget to be kind to one another otherwise. We forget we are more than just LGBT and we forget that we are individuals. We are not a monolith group of people. We are more than our sexuality or gender. We are not defined as LGBT. We each have our own set of values and beliefs. We need not agree with each other on everything but we must not tear each other down over disagreements. Whether you have liberal or conservative views, it should not denote if a person should be excluded from the LGBT. The LGBT is not a political group and therefore does not decide who can freely speak their mind based on their views or not. We should be raising each other up and allowing discourse to take place. While there will always be those in the world that do not accept us and want to cause us harm. We need not allow LGBT centers to mislead us by spreading fear in the community. Of course, there are issues we should be concerned about. But we should not allow the bad to destroy the good in the community- or rather, everything we have accomplished by coming together so far. We owe it to those before us, that fought for the rights that allow us to live freely today to continue to build bridges together. 

Please sign the petition to let LGBT centers around the world know that we are voices of the community and we will not allow it to remain broken. Allies consider signing in support of LGBT unity.

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Live and let live.

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