LGB Alliance should remove the B from their name and bi people from their mission

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In late 2019 LGB Alliance launched with bold mission statement: to "assert the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to be same-sex attracted" (lgballiance.org.uk/about). We find this claim dubious at best. The borrowing of the term "same-sex attracted" from the Religious Right only hints at the organisation's true purpose (see livingout.org/why-not-say-you-re-gay_ for more).  

Our concerns with LGB Alliance are twofold. We believe that:

  • LGB Alliance are a transphobic hate group
  • LGB Alliance are cynically leveraging the bi community to further their agenda

LGB Alliance are a transphobic hate group

Within a day of launch, the LGB Alliance Twitter feed was awash with transphobia. Their official feed endorsed a binary view of gender, asserting that gender identity is merely an "unproven [and] unscientific belief" (lgballiance.org.uk/aboutabout) despite the lived experience of the majority of people both cis and trans.

LGB Alliance have gone to great lengths to obfuscate their true purpose, but it is clear that their attempts to re-write the history of the LGBT+ movement along with their persecution of our trans and non-binary siblings points to an agenda we, the bi community, cannot support.

LGB Alliance functions as a cog in the propaganda machine, amplifying and legitimising transphobia, and purposely creating an environment hostile to trans and non-binary people.

We assert that:

  • Trans men are men
  • Trans women are women 
  • Non-binary people exist
  • Trans children and young people have a right to age-appropriate treatment

LGB Alliance are cynically leveraging the bi community to further their agenda

The bisexual and trans communities have a history of alliance that reaches past the Stonewall Uprising and into the 19th century. The two are inseparable, and you cannot address one without addressing the other. Even if this were not the case, we do not believe that LGB Alliance intend to genuinely include bisexual people in their mission.

We have asked Alliance LGB, via public tweets, on several occasions what they believe the biggest issues facing bisexual people today are, and how they plan to address them. They have not responded.

Further, high profile supporters of LGB Alliance have made public statements of biphobia with one well known supporter, Julie Bindel being famous for her disproportionate hatred of bisexual people, and another,  Sarah Ditium, expressing distaste for bisexual people and women in particular.

LGB Alliance have chosen not to distance themselves from these sentiments. 

We believe that bisexual people, around 40% of whom are trans or non-binary, are being tokenised and exploited by LGB Alliance for explicitly transphobic reasons. 

The Ask

Several long-time advocates for the bisexual community have come together with one simple ask: we do not want LGB Alliance to continue to claim to represent us. We are happy being part of the LGBTQ movement. We do not endorse this hateful organisation.

We are not naive enough to believe that LGB Alliance will even acknowledge our request, never mind listen to our concerns, nevertheless we are compelled to ask. This is a symbolic action on behalf of those members of the bisexual community who are tired of being used to further a sick agenda.

Trans people are our friends, families, lovers and colleagues. We will not abandon them.LGB Alliance may want to split the LGBT movement, but we will not allow them to take us with them. Bisexual people say no to transphobia. Bisexual people say no to LGB Alliance.