DON'T FENCE US OUT! DON'T FENCE IT IN! Keep Bluemont Field Open/Unfenced For Multi-use

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The County had presented a project for renovating the open multi-use field in Bluemont Park between the tennis courts and the back parking lot. The renovation was to resolve the standing water that accumulates after rain and or snow melts. As a user of Bluemont field and a resident of Boulevard Manor, I welcomed the project. However, the project took a twist along the way and now the board included permanent fencing of the baseball field #3, which is the one closest to the tennis courts.

  • There are many baseball fields but only one big open contiguous space – Bluemont Park. Lets preserve it!   
  • We are happy to have the baseball field renovated, but it does not need to be fenced
  • Fencing the field prevents other park users from using that space when the field is not being used for baseball

  • The County Board will hear a report from the County Manager on possible recommendations to modifying the renovation work at its next meeting in November.


Boulevard Manor suffers from being a neighborhood that is sandwiched by two main roads and serves as a shortcut for drivers at all hours of the day. For years, BMCA requested the county's assistance with traffic regulations for the safety of our residence and our children. Speed bumps were installed on N Livingston Street but this effort redirected traffic to other through streets. Traffic regulation continues to be our top priority for the safety of our residence and our children, and not spending over $700,000.00 for permanent fencing. This is money not well spent and should be redirected to increase safety and manage safe traffic for our residence and children.

We the undersigned Arlington citizens are in favor of keeping Bluemont open and unfenced and opposed to the current plan to fence off a large portion of Bluemont field for the SINGLE PURPOSE OF BASEBALL.  The Bluemont field is heavily utilized for many sports.   Fencing off a major portion of it for a single purpose is not an appropriate use of this important public resource.  Therefore, we strongly urge Arlington Parks and Recreation work to ensure that the field is kept open for all users.  #keepBluemontopenandunfenced

Nosotros, los siguientes ciudadanos firmantes de Arlington, nos oponemos al actual  plan de cercar un área grande del campo de juego de Bluemont para  EL SÓLO PROPÓSITO DEL JUEGO DE BEISBOL. El campo de juego de Bluemont está ampliamente utilizado para diversos deportes. Cercar un área grande para un solo uso no es apropiado para este importante recurso público. Por esta razón,  urgimos al Departamento de Parques y Recreación de Arlington que labore para asegurar que el campo esté abierto a todos los usuarios.

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