Have LG add eARC to their Premium Oled TVs

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Currently only the 2019 LG Premium Oleds (not available in stores at this time)  have eARC support because it an included feature of HDMI 2.1; however, this feature can be added to HDMI 2.0b, which are installed in the 2018 models. Many companies, most prominently Denon and Marantz have upgraded their 2.0b HDMI connections to support eARC.  This protocol allows true lossless Atmos and 7.1 audio content to be streamed to your receiver from your television.  It is the only way that you can get all the apps streamed through your television to pass true HD audio to your receiver.  If this is not upgraded you will be left with degraded audio quality.  Please LG, show those of us who have invested a significant amount of money into your televisions that you will support us and not make our TVs obsolete or deficient less than a year after we purchase them.