Save Little Nan’s Broadway Theatre Saloon

Save Little Nan’s Broadway Theatre Saloon

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Started by Sally Christopher

Lewisham Council has announced that Little Nan’s Broadway Theatre Saloon in Catford will be closing down by the end of the year because it is "unsuitable" for the space, seemingly on the basis that it has a “club vibe”.

For the many locals and visitors who come to Little Nan’s in Catford, we can’t think of a better use for the space.

Little Nan’s a real gem. It has a lovely, community-based vibe and has brought in visitors from outside the area as well. It has a real mix of people and is not clubby or rowdy in the slightest.

It has undoubtedly contributed to the Catford scene, in particular around Catford Broadway, that is being championed so well by Team Catford. 

Quote from a spokesperson for Little Nan’s courtesy of News Shopper: 

"We were chosen by the council to take on the space in Catford nearly two years ago, and we have invested a lot of our own love, determination and money to create a happy and safe place for all to enjoy in this public building.

“We have just received a letter with a termination of our lease notice by the end of the year. We have tried to contact the individuals in the council who have actioned this, but they are currently not wanting to speak to us about the matter.

"We have been given no reason as to the eviction. This is such sad news and we are so upset by this, as we love Catford so much."

Catford loves you too!

Lewisham Council is saying that it has offered to work with Little Nan’s to explore other spaces in Catford that they could relocate to (perhaps all is not lost), but surely attempts at finding a solution ought to be have been made before serving notice?

Please sign this petition to show your support for Little Nan’s, whether they remain at the Broadway Theatre or have to relocate elsewhere in Catford. Let’s hope it’s the former. 


4,792 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!