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Keep Kalief Browders Name Off Rikers Island!!!

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UPDATE: The Public Advocates Office emailed me back! They still want to name a memorial on Rikers Island after him! THAT IS WRONG!! He doesnt need his name affiliated with that island. PERIOD.

To whom it may concern,

Hello Ms. Letitia James. I read an article today that stated you wanted to change the name of Rikers Island in honor of Kalief Browder, the young man who suffered there for 3 years for a crime that he did not commit. It angers me that after reading his story and watching the documentary, you and your colleagues would propose such a plan.

Kalief was broken down physically, mentally and emotionally on that island. He was treated like an animal. Kalief's story reflects so many other men on that island. That vile place and this vile system breaks down so many men. And even IF the jail is removed, the memory of the men who suffered there will forever remain! Rikers Island was owned by the Rycken family who had deep ties to slavery. Richard Ricker was famous for shipping runaway slaves and kidnapping slaves that sought refuge in the North back to the south. I am sure you and your colleagues are aware of the history of Rikers Island, so why again would you even propose to name that island after Kalief??

I know you are an advocate for Criminal Justice reform. In honor of Kalief, how about you work on fixing the system that lead to the demise of Mr. Browder. There are hundreds of thousands more Kaliefs, sitting in the jail system. The system was created for this. It was created to break down men. It was created to cause pain! Please do not keep this plan in action to name that island after him. He doesn't deserve his name to be placed on that island. His memory deserves something greater!

Mone't Smith

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