Let the cheerleaders make real banners for football games!!

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Banners are an important part of the student section at Collins Hill. Every game, the football players get to run through a banner created and assembled by the cheerleaders, customized specifically for that game. The students video and Snapchat their awesome entrance and share it across social media platforms, increasing recognition for the program. In fact, a banner used in a playoff game in 2015 was featured on the sports news network ESPN. Recently, the athletic director bought a reusable breakaway banner (all green and says Collins Hill) and has decided that the cheerleaders must use this for all games except 3 designated games. This includes using the breakaway banner at home and away region games, in which handmade banners are guaranteed to be used by rivals. The student body asks for your help by signing this petition to convince the administration to allow the cheerleaders to continue using handmade banners in all region games!

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