Let's Get Blockchain Technology Exhibited in London's Design Museum

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Blockchain technology is more than just software. It's a whole new way of thinking about information.


  • Distributed -- the data is stored all over the globe and unlike databases of old, anyone can maintain it in return for rewards.
  • Secure -- Blockchains have yet to be hacked though many have tried.
  • Transparent -- nobody owns it. A Blockchain is the closest we've ever come to democracy in data.
  • Borderless -- Blockchains work across international boundaries.
  • Simple -- The cryptography may be complex -- the concept isn't . . . a secure, globally distributed store of information, updated in real time, maintained by anyone who feels so inclined.


Blockchains originated in the world of crypto currencies but have since grown up and branched out. From helping artists manage digital rights to keeping land titles secure in countries with a history of corruption, Blockchain technology is already changing the way the world interacts with data.

But it's the huge potential that's going to make 2018 the year of the Blockchain.

In finance imagine a world where a money transfer takes 3 minutes to complete instead of 3 days. Or a world of insurance without middle men taking a percentage and boosting premiums. Or real-time public auditing of a company or government's accounts -- putting shareholders and citizens closer to the truth.

In short the Blockchain is already becoming a classic and a worthy contender to be exhibited in London's fabulous Design Museum.

Think of all those timeless designs you've looked at, visited, driven or even sat on?

They're all innovative, fresh, daring and in their own way sublime.

Just like the Blockchain.

And with the Blockchain once you understand it, you can't help wonder why nobody else had thought of it before?

And that dear my friend, is the key attribute of all design classics.