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Abolish the dangerous part of the proposed new driving test.

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Part of the new proposals involve candidates pulling up on the right hand side of the road, reversing back a couple of car lengths then pulling out into the flow of traffic. Both myself and every driving instructor I've spoken to are totally against this idea as it's such a dangerous exercise. Imagine the situation where they pull up, reverse two car lengths so they're now fairly close to a car behind then a transit van or lorry pulls up in front of them? How are they going to move out safely? If they're starting to pull out blindly and the examiner sees something coming what does he or she do? Do they let them carry on putting themselves and others at risk of personal injury, let alone the potential damage to our cars? Do they intervene in some way either with the dual controls or verbally in which case they fail the test? This is an unnecessary and dangerous exercise which also goes against the Highway Code (rule 239). Another proposed new part of the test is driving into a parking space and reversing out. Again I was always told to reverse in then drive out as its easier to look for pedestrians. These proposed new changes are coming into force on December 4th 2017, can you imagine trying to find somewhere to do this so close to Christmas and any other busy time of the year?

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