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Re-opening of Bataan Nuclear Plant

What can we gain from opening the plant?

The BNPP, with a capacity of 620 megawatts (MW), was also expected to supply at least 10 percent of the country’s total projected demand.

Its operations will also lower the risk of power shortages in the country and avoid raising yellow and red alerts on the grid.

A yellow alert means the power supply has gone to a level below the required reserve or the capacity of the largest running power plant in the grid, which is the Sual power plant with a capacity of 647 MW.

A red alert status signifies that there is not enough supply for the electricity demand.

Opening the BNPP will help the country achieve lower electricity prices. Nuclear plants can lower the costs of electricity to up to P2 per kWh, in comparison with the rates of coal-fired power plants which can go for as much as P6 kWh.

The generation of electricity through nuclear energy reduces the amount of energy generated from fossil fuels (coal and oil). Less use of fossil fuelsmeans lowering greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and others).

Currently, fossil fuels are consumed faster than they are produced, so in the next future these resources may be reduced or the price may increase becoming inaccessible for most of the population.

Another advantage is the required amount of fuel: less fuel offers more energy. It represents a significant save on raw materials but also in transport, handling and extraction of nuclear fuel. The cost of nuclear fuel (overall uranium) is 20% of the cost of energy generated.

The production of electric energy is continuous. A nuclear power plant is generating electricity for almost 90% of annual time. It reduces the price volatility of other fuels such as petrol.

This continuity benefits the electrical planning. Nuclear power does not depends on natural aspects. It's a solutions for the main disadvantage of renewable energy, like solar energy or eolic energy, because the hours of sun or wind does not always coincide with the hours with more energy demand.

It's an alternative to fossil fuels, so the consumption of fuels such as coal or oil is reduced. This reduction of coal and oil consumption benefits the situation of global warming and global climate change. By reducing the consumption of fossil fuelswe also improve the quality of the air affecting the disease and quality of life.



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