Ireland To Reject The UN Migration Pact

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Why is this important?
The UN Migration Pact would see Europe open its borders to the world in its entirety, exacerbating the migration crisis. This would inevitably lead to increased migration from Africa and the Middle East to Ireland. The harsh reality of this UN Migration Pact is that it will legitimize and encourage mass illegal economic immigration which would add massively to Ireland’s 20% foreign born population.

Ireland’s welfare system would be exposed to unvetted / undocumented migrants who have never contributed to the system before accessing welfare, housing and health care.

With Ireland's essential services at breaking point, a housing crisis that has labeled Dublin the “worst place on earth to obtain property to live” our country will be fast tracked into an even worse downward spiral. 
A point to note is that the The UN Migration Pact was lobbied for by big banks and corporations to create an endless flow of cheap labour to continue their ever demanding globalist needs. 
This all comes at the expense of the nation state, the Irish culture, Irish sovereignty, the working and middle class and our hard earned and expensive taxation regime. 
This pact is also anti-democratic in nature as the government have not asked the nation for its opinion, on a potentially vast change to the country that we cherish so much. The fact that there has been total silence from the government and media tells us that this is something they believe may not get public backing and is being sneaked in without a referendum or even a public discussion. 
Furthermore, any opposition to the pact / future migration will be criminalized by encouraging nations to create laws against the basic right of freedom of speech. The following quotes from the Pact reveal this clearly: - 
"We commit to eliminate all forms of discrimination and counter expressions". 
"Implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes". 
"Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information" 
This pact will not be legally binding, however the is the only the beginning. If the pact is signed the UN will push for the implementation of the pact in its entirety. 
We now call on Leo Varadker and Simon Coveney to follow some of our closest neighbours (culturally) the USA, Australia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Austria and reject the United Nation Migration Pact.