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Honour Ben Dodding in Leo Hayes high school yearbook

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At Leo Hayes high school I was informed that honouring Ben Dodding in the yearbook was not the "best" idea. The principle and advisor have both said no to the idea of having something, I mean anything put in the graduates yearbook of 2018. This disgusts me and it upsets everyone who was effected by his accident. 
Dear, Leo Hayes
I Allison Pelkey am not asking for a full page or a whole yearbook dedicated for Ben. I'm asking for something, anything, even a little photo in the yearbook for Ben Dodding who was my best friend and brother to me. He was also best friends and friends to a lot of us at Leo Hayes. The parents have given me the "okay" to letting us kids at Leo come up with an idea to remember Ben in a positive and respectful way. My vice principle has shown me past yearbooks of this being done. So you can't tell me that you haven't done this before and how it's sensitive information to put in. I'd say it's more insensitive to not put something in then it is "sensitive material". He was apart of our graduating class & always will be, he deserves to be remembered. Not put in the past.

Leo Hayes I'm not asking to change the "colour" of the yearbook, I'm not asking to change anything about it. I'm asking to add something for him.
Out of 300 students who are graduating, we students love the idea of having something for him, and you're making this year negative & sad for us who think about him everyday. Instead of putting summer vacations in the yearbook, why don't you honour those who have passed and were supposed to graduate in 2018?
I will be fighting this, and I will not stop until something changes. I honour Ben everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

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