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Make Lentil As Anything Abbotsford go all vegan!!

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most of us in Melbourne know the concept of Lentil As Anything. you pay what you feel the meal is worth so anyone can afford to eat there and its all vegetarian so its more "inclusive"
but what if Lentils in Abbotsford went all vegan? the Thornbury one is already vegan as was the Preston one before it closed.
Aside from the ethics, going vegan would save Lentils a lot of money which would help it afford to cover our expenses when customers cant afford to donate much. When our fridges were broken, a lot of the fresh cows milk had to be thrown out but the long life soy was all fine! vegetables obviously can survive a lot longer than eggs without being refrigerated too. A lot of the time when we have non-vegan specials we have a vegan version which is just that thing without the cheese, cream, eggs etc and that option is obviously cheaper! there's no need to put cheese in pasta. the vegan pizza which staff get tastes great and its just the regular pizza but with no cheese. they wouldn't even need to take anything off the menu or buy replacements they'd just take one ingredient out of these things and make them cheaper!! and going all vegan would make the restaurant even more inclusive because people who are vegan or intolerant to dairy/eggs or those like myself with severe dairy allergies would be able to eat anything without worrying about contamination. When we had a poll on our website asking if people were interested in us going all vegan, over 85% of voters said yes!! Everyone can eat all vegan food but obviously not everyone can eat non-vegan.
And let's face it, Lentils prides itself on being ethical and everyone having a place on the table but are we really that ethical if we have ingredients which dairy cows had to suffer for? Which male chicks had to die because they are a waste of the egg industry?
For the sake of ethics, money and being even more of a safe space for everyone it makes SO MUCH sense for Lentil As Anything Abbotsford to go all vegan and i will do everything in my power to make sure this happen. I love volunteering at Lentils, but sometimes its really emotionally draining being around all these animal products especially when it would help our restaurant and make customers happier if we went all vegan. Thanks for reading, from Tara 'Goblin' Agatonovic-Kustrin


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