Cancel Planned Cell Tower in Gran Paradiso

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To: Gran Paradiso POA Board and selected Lennar Executives

    A good part of the Grand Paradiso homeowners feel shocked and dismayed by ​Lennar's plans for a cell tower on a parcel that is zoned for common area community purposes. This Lennar​'s​ business deal was done without any consultations with the community and without taking into consideration the health and property value impact for us.
    The Board displayed disregard to its fiduciary duty and the homeowners had to find out about this issue via outside sources, although the deal was formalized in 2017 and it is within the Lennar​-​related businesses.  The chairman of West Villages suggested the Braves stadium as  a better place for such a cell tower.  Since many homeowners are out of town or working on the proposed Board meeting day, we respectfully ask that Lennar and POA Board communicate to all, via email before and at the beginning of meeting that:
1. The cellullar tower proposal is retracted and cancelled. 
2. That land parcel will remain for common usage, as originally dedicated in Village Development Pattern Plan, on file with the City of North Port.

    If these two requests are not met on time, we will accelerate ​any means to convince Lennar to do what is right, inclusive of, but not limited to organized peaceful protests at strategic points, petition to appropriate governmental entities, engage media and pursue legal action.