Save our Coasts and River Banks!!! A call for the Review of CRZ notification 2018

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As we go about minding our own business, we become ignorant about the ground reality! Our nation grapples with a Billion problems!! While Kathua and Unnao are still afresh in our minds, the government has sneaked in a proposal to reduce the No development zone in the coastal region throughout our country through the Draft CRZ notification 2018.

Climate change is not a conspiracy theory. There is enough evidence supporting it! We can feel the rising temperatures, recurring droughts and heat waves! At a time when we must be concentrating on sustainable development, the government has put forth a draft for further diluting the regulation of the eco-sensitive CRZ. Baiscally the new draft has halved the CRZ from 100m to 50m from the High tide line. They act like a buffer  for disasters waiting to happen! From Mangroves and wetlands to creeks and river banks, they harvest fruits of biodiversity and regulate the local weather! . This notification means large scale destruction of trees and the sensative biodiversity associated with it throughout our country! There are indeed provisions for compensatory replantation and afforestation of the destroyed area, but do you think these new plants can compensate the loss of hundreds of years of biodiversity? Their survival is another question!

Last month when Olive Ridley Turtles made a comeback to the shores of Mumbai after about two decades, it was indeed miraculous!! It proves that we still have some time for the revival of this beautiful planet around us! Alas! The new notification which promotes construction on the current No development zones is a blow to the revival and protection possibilities of these valuable ecological assets.

The citizens of our nation has 60 days to put their comments/suggestions against the draft notification! This petition is for a review of the draft, so that instead of diluting the law, government takes measures to safeguard the coasts and areas under CRZ. Its difficult to increase the CRZ but atleast we should avoid reducing the limits! I believe if we get enough support, we'll be able to initiate a change; for me, you, everyone and the future generations to come! Today if we fail, we may not have many more chances to rebuild our future! Thus I request you to support my cause, infact the cause of every individual that has a clear vision of the future!

I would also request you to write to Mr. Arvind Nautiyal, director in Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; whowis incharge of public suggestions through email or post.

Arvind Nautiyal

J-615, Jal block, Indira Paryavaran bhavan, Jor bagh road, Aliganj, New Delhi-110003

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The changes proposed are going to impact everyone, not just the ones living close to the coast!

Hope we can prevent another ecological failure before it starts! 

Thank you.