Stop the Ethanol Plant in Fairland, Indiana

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Help stop the proposed Ethanol Plant to be built in Fairland, Indiana at 300 N and Tom Hession Drive. The proposed plant will impact many local homeowners and is a couple miles from Major Hospital, The National Guard facility and The Indiana Grand Casino.  Citizens were not informed of the 146 acre facility until it came in front of the Shelbyville Planning Commission and Board of Zoning and Appeals. This 146 acre project has the potential to destroy the surrounding property values and release many toxic chemicals into the air. There are many unanswered questions that need to be answered.  

    Who is going to pay to upkeep the infastructure in our community when there are going to be over 280 semi's using our roads each and every day?

What kind of water run off is the company going to have? They aren't having a lined retention pond, so who is going to monitor well contamination? A third of their plant is in the flood plain. Is their runoff going to raise the water table?

How many trains will be coming through each day. (trains will have a hundred cars each) What time of day will the trains be moving through ?

If POET is so environmentally conscious why do they have so many violations?  Do people know the chemical that is contaminating the environment is called Acetaldehyde and is a class 1 carcinogen (causes cancer)?

Do people know that they have had 2 fatalities at their plants because of negligent safety practices? Poet has had 22 railroad safety violations. 

Do people know that all of Poet's OSHA violations are classified as "serious"? One of Poet's biggest fines was imposed at the Cloverdale, Indiana plant for air violations at a cost of $181,000


Please sign and share this to show the City of Shelbyville that we don't want the Ethanol Plant in our backyard.