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Lego : Stop gender-stereotyping your minifigures!

One of the greatest things about being a parent has been rediscovering my love of Lego. My husband would probably say I am obsessed. I love the stuff. I can spend hours and hours playing with it. My 7 year old daughter and I eagerly await each new series of minifigures. But with each series comes the inevitable questions from my daughter: “Why are so many of them boys?” “Girls can be [mechanics/painters/divers] too, can’t they?”. “Of course!” I tell her, my heart sinking as I see the same old gender stereotypes being reinforced.

I’m sure Lego will say that things are improving. It's true, there were only 2 female minifigures in series 1 and there are 5 in series 11. And one of them is a scientist! But there is always room for improvement.

So here is my idea.

Why not give the faces a male character on one side and a female character on the other? Instead of playing to the same old stereotypes, why not stand up for our children and let them decide what gender they want their minifigures to be?

This won't just be good for our daughters but our sons too. Maybe they want to be nurses and aerobics instructors!

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