Legislative change for transparency in fashion production.

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Fashion clothing companies should be legally required to disclose all information related to the production of their goods.  As consumers, we should have a right to know the full manufacturing process of the items we buy. Through total transparency I am hoping this will encourage fashion companies to be more honest with consumers and to become more environmentally and socially conscious.

For too long Fashion companies have been able to hide the truth about the harmful production and conditions involved in fashion manufacturing.  I want all sectors of production to become public knowledge including, farming techniques of raw materials, factory waste disposal methods, working conditions and wages of workers.

Why do we need change?

Fashion is currently one of the most destructive industries in the world, both socially and environmentally.  I do not think real change can be achieved without strict regulations.   Farmers in developing countries are using harmful pesticides on cotton crops, resulting in birth defects, illnesses and death for local people.  In Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013, the Savar clothing factory collapsed killing 1,134 workers, who made clothing for high-street stores.  By companies disclosing production details, it will publicly name those who are unethical and unsustainable in practice. 

As a fashion student I am concerned for the damaging effects of the industry.  Please help me change the future of fashion to make it more conscious, ethical and sustainable for all.