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No mandate: Give Victorians a chance to vote on the East-West toll road

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My name is Danita. I'm the mother of two young children and right now I'm feeling abandoned by our Victorian political leaders. 

It frustrates me that politicians promise one thing and then deliver the opposite. Back in 2010, a new government came to power saying they would fix our public transport system and now they want to build the dirty, expensive and unpopular East-West toll road instead.

They don't have a mandate for this toll road. We should be given the opportunity to vote on this expensive and excessive misallocation of public money.

As taxpayers, we will foot the $8,000,000,000 debt even though this road will do nothing positive for our community. In fact, it will take away money that could have been invested in my local area. The traffic on our streets will continue to grow while our public transport services remain inadequate.

This current state government has only made superficial improvements to public transport in my local area - the stations have had a coat of paint and they’ve built unnecessary structures on our platforms. We need more buses and trains more often.   

Personally, I'm opposed to this toll road because I'm worried about the city we are building for my children. We don't need more traffic-generating toll roads polluting our city - we need alternative ways to get around.

I want an active, healthy and safe city for my children with quality public transport that's frequent and accessible so that I can spend time with my family, not stuck in traffic.

This year, Victorians will make a big decision about what sort of future we want for our city and our state. I'd like our political leaders to give voters the chance to decide whether spending $8,000,000,000 on the East-West toll road is necessary.

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