Resignation of Angelo Ciocca/Dimissioni di Angelo Ciocca/Démission de Angelo Ciocca

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Yesterday, 23rd of October 2018, Mr. Angelo Ciocca, an Italian member of the European Parliament affiliated to the League party and the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom, shamed the institution and the nation he represents. At the end of the audiction of M. Moscovici about the rejection of the Italian budget proposal, Mr. Ciocca took off his shoe and tarnished with it some of M. Moscovici's papers as an insult direct to the Commission and to all European institutions.

This act is a clear demonstration of lack of dignity and consideration for his country and for his position. Therefore this act should be condemned by every party involved, also by Mr. Ciocca own political groups, the League and he Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom.

The only possible way for Mr. Ciocca to restablish the respectability of himself, the League and the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom  is to resign as European Parliamentary.

Thank you for your time and support.