Sack Paul Heckingbottom and Victor Orta

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Dear Leeds United football club / Andrea Radrizzani


End the madness do what the fans want and sack Paul Heckingbottom and Orta they are not good enough!

Paul Heckingbottoms long enough employment at Leeds United.

games played 15
games won 3
games drawn 4
games lost 8
win percentage 20.0%

 This will get us relegated next season!


This is not good enough and it disgraces the Leeds fans.

The club needs a good manager as we are sick of getting cheap mangers who are not good enough.

The fans want a proven manager who can lead us to where we want to be and that is not Heckingbottom.

I've heard fans say they have stopped caring about the club because of the club not having the ambition, we make more than any club in this division and are far bigger than any second division club in the entire world.


we are not disloyal but we have had enough and we wont stick around forever, sort it out or you will lose your fans and have a fan base which matches the manager and players.

 Why do smaller clubs with less money get more success and better players and managers than Leeds?

I think I answered the question all Leeds fans know the answer to and its in the question!

please go out and get a proven manager who is fitting for this once great football club, we are a laughing stock and its due to management from Heckingbottom and player signings from Orta. 

We all want Leeds to be successful and we do not feel it is reciprocated by the club and has not been for at least 20 years.

I would like to end by saying that despite the poor management it is refreshing to see the stadium back in the hands of Leeds United and we are grateful that Andrea Radrizzani has bought the stadium.

Yours sincerely

90% of Leeds United support!