Removal of John Sheridan as manager of Swindon town

Removal of John Sheridan as manager of Swindon town

7 February 2021
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Lee Power
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jason Cockerton

Dear Mr. Power,

On behalf of the signatures below, please dismiss John Sheridan from his post as Manager of Swindon Town Football club, the following reasons for this course of action are clear and as follows:

Risk of relegation
It is clear to the undersigned that relegation is more likely than not, this hasn’t improved under the tenure of Sheridan, in fact his record in win percentage is the worst of any manager in the last 10 years and only surpassed by two others in the last century.

With 20 or so games left although unlikely due to our disastrous home performance it is still possible to avoid relegation.  Sheridan's dubious tactics and squad selection are hindering the clubs attempts towards safety, and therefore should be dismissed.

When he first arrived at the club Sheridan told the fans via interviews that performances were good but we just weren’t picking up the points, he was right, however we have regressed, we aren’t picking up anymore points than we were previously, and our performances have noticeably to everyone got worse. We had zero shots on goal against Shrewsbury, and lost 1-0 compared to his first game in charge again against Shrewsbury where we drew 3-3, in the most recent fixture we had zero shots on target and only 6 shots on goal, compared to 4 on target and 16 shots at goal in the first fixture, if this isn’t as clear as day an indication of how we have regressed under Sheridan we the undersigned don’t know what is.

Season ticket holders
If you make the decision now to remove Sheridan, that will go some way to reassure season ticket holders that next season the ticket will be worthy of its price. Wait too long and the fear of us all is that the take up of tickets will be so low it will be a financial disaster for the club.

Style of play
Whilst not the most important thing when fighting relegation, we want a club to be proud of, progressive football has been our identity for many years, we don’t like long ball football, sell on fees are higher for technical players, it makes sense win or lose or draw to try to keep technical players as the bedrock of our identity, but we can’t do that if we continue playing such pragmatic football. Sheridan's tactics demotivate the more technical players and and it’s clear for all to see. It also isn’t getting results we don’t have the required players at the club to make the long ball game work.

Next season
Whether you believe otherwise or not it is clear to the support that John Sheridan will not keep Swindon in League 1, therefore it’s not a big leap of imagination that he will not be the manager next season, why wait to employ someone new, the time given to evaluate the squad now and prepare for next season can only be of benefit rather than the hindrance that it will be next season, if we must get relegated let it be on our terms with new management ready to go. Be clear to the management and fans that it’s all about preparing for next season.

Whilst relegation is highly undesirable for the club financially, doing so whilst under the tenure of a manager so disliked by the fan base, can only ensure lack of take up for season tickets, which can only mean financial difficulties for the club, getting a new appointment right now, whilst difficult but with a mandate to hit the ground running next season, can only be positive for the fan base and ensure a better take up of season tickets, this is a warning, please let it be heeded.

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Signatures: 733Next Goal: 1,000
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