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Stop killing Stray Dogs in Lebanon

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Municipalities are poisoning Stray Dogs , shooting them and  brutally killing them. The horrendous and inhumane  brutal way of dealing with such creatures highlights the tragedy of wrong tactics municipalities exert while to running their show!

Instead of Killing , we are requesting a vaccination, microchipping , n/c plan for all strays to end any serious public health management concerns.

We need to segregate the radical religious paths while handling stray dogs, because these Animals are part of our ecosystem and they are there for a reason:- 

Stray dogs are scavengers like vultures, foxes, hyenas, cats, and etc.., they feed on leftovers and  carcasses (dead animals), agricultural waste , and city waste etc.. These dogs clean up much of the biological waste on our streets and in areas municipality forces do not clean. Just like trees are to oxygen , they are to our ecosystem. Dogs fertilize and spread tree seeds and as well as ward off plague and harmful bacteria from the air!!

Let's suppose a bunch of rats or rodents die ; if these were left unburied or burned, the drastic waste, smell and bacteria causing plague and infectious diseases will rapidly increase. Should our strays be kept Healthy , these dogs dwelling in our areas , will scare away potential rabies carriers and infected canines, because of their territorial instinct . They push away other stray dogs , and therefor should not be harmed.

Cruelty to animals , not only a worldwide criminal act, is highly condemned by all societies . Today we have no option but to raise this issue worldwide because  endangering and poisoning stray dogs or wildlife should not be left to pass at ease !!

We, the Citizens of Lebanon, and humans of the World are very repulsed by the sickening level of abuse, torture, suffering and complete disregard for life and Lebanses laws !! We , as educated Citizens, with high compassion towards wildlife , we condemn this crime,  and request immediate action to prevent future occurences  and further excursions to our laws!!

The incident on the 28th of Dec 2017 held by  Ghobeiry Municipality were numerous (super friendly dogs ) were filmed laying on the ground, crying, shaking, and foaming from their mouths. These timid strays had no ambition in life but to find scraps of food and sleep during the day.  Not one incident had been reported earlier or any complaints reported , yet these 1-4 year old healthy strays had been tormented before they met their fate!

This particular municipality management , did not stand responsible and blamed this fully planned crime on their junior staff. Juniors everywhere in the world receive commands from their superiors , were blamed for planning, purchasing, effecting as well as taking the municipality trucks during broad daylight  to lure extremely friendly strays with poisoned meat. We are sure this process took weeks of planning if not months of feeding in the same spot before their crime!

Lured with poison ,tormented , terrorized and put through severe and harsh pain .  These dogs who were tremendously shaking,  foaming and crying were  thrown horrendously and stacked like sacks into the back of the municipality’s truck by merciless beasts . They had not waited even for them to fully pass out, and chucked them while still alive. How vicious were they when they ate quietly and died and not even a bite or a bark at the municipality!

If that is the way to treat innocent souls , We are left speachless !

Our call to action will be Raise our voices by signing this petition to:

-Take this matter through the proper Legal Process and fend for these Animals Rights

-Ask for the most extreme penalties to all Animal Welfare abusers

- Get the Public Aware to document and report all Animal Welfare Excursions

We kindly urge the government to -
- Recognize that homeless dog management is an issue of concern that
must be addressed, and done so with a scientific basis in accordance
with the Animal Protection and Welfare law 47/2017 and OIE.

- Follow the two guiding principles of OIE stray dog population control:
1) The promotion of responsible dog ownership can significantly reduce
the numbers of stray dogs and the incidence of zoonotic diseases.
2) Because dog ecology is linked with human activities, control of dog
populations has to be accompanied by changes in human behaviour to be

- Focus on the actual causes of homeless dogs, primarily a lack or
regulation, oversight and responsibility of pet shops, breeding
facilities, and dog owners.

-Make it mandatory by law to microchip all owned dogs and effected through vets.

- Recognize that euthanasia of dogs, used alone, is not an effective
control measure. If used , and should only in extreme case scenarios, it must be done humanely when other measures fail to achieve effective long term control.

- Vaccinating, neutering/ castration  to adress the dogs that are currently on the streets.

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