Reduce single use plastic in Lebanon

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Why should we limit them?

If this doesn’t sound bad enough already, the problem is getting worse. Global warming is a thing, there is scientific proof. According to Global Citizen, plastic production has more than tripled since the ’90s. It also shows half the world’s plastic was made after 2003. About 150 million tons of plastic—many of it non-degradable—is floating in our oceans. It is estimated that soon there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! ACT NOW, let's try to be the first globally in one good thing, lets go plastic free, ban those plastic bags and utensils, ban those straws and plastic packaging! Use glass or stainless steel. Use a cup a day to drink water and do less dishes by the end of the day. We can do it! #actonclimate #plasticfreelebanon