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Stop Tuition Fees Increase and Financial Aid Cut

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We ask that the Lebanese American University reconsiders the increase in the tuition fees as well as the latest decision regarding the financial aid. The students of this university are already burdened by the high fees that any additional increase is unacceptable.

This semester, the university administration decided to increase the tuition fees by 4 to 5 % per credit. This would mean that a student whose previous tuition fee was $9200/semester, would be paying an extra $450/semester without being given any additional services in return. This is not the only change to the fee that was made. The financial aid of the students was decreased, with a claim to increase the number of students who are benefitting from this aid. This would further increase the fees a student must pay to continue his education.

Students who are already enrolled in this university should not be harmed by any additional burden, because they decided to join this university based on a certain tuition fee. Many students are not able to pay these fees to begin with, before even implementing the change in the financial aid. This is extremely unfair, for if they knew this would happen, they would probably have chosen a different university. Switching the percentage from working hours to loan will be a hassle to the future of the students.

Many students do not mind working 120 hours to get the financial aid they were promised initially. Some others maybe do. It would be unfair to enforce the change on all students. The student council proposed that the reduction of hours should be optional, but the university rejected this proposal.

This is not the only proposal by the student council that the university ignored. As a matter of fact more than 10 proposals were submitted, but very few were actually considered. The student council proposed several solutions to problems that are faced on our campus on a daily basis (rain shelters, parking A and B for free, increased smoking areas, mutual break, another cafeteria in the medical building…), all of which have yet to be accepted. No topic was discussed with the student council before taking the final decision. Everything had been already approved and finalized before presenting it to the student body.

The LAU is a “Student Based University”. The students’ best interest should always be a priority. As we have previously promised, we refuse to remain silent. The students’ voice will be heard, one way or another. The student council will be taking action, help it by signing this petition.

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