Leave Park West School as a P-9 School

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Park West School P-9 in Clayton Park is a vibrant, diverse school which has excelled in producing high achieving, community-minded and responsible young people.  Because it is a P-9 school our younger students benefit from the mentoring and camaraderie of our older students and our older students garner skills in leadership and responsibility through their work with our elementary students.  Many families have moved into the Park West area from other parts of the world, province, and city to enable their children to attend Park West School.  We have over 70 countries and 50 languages represented by the students at Park West School.  Our families and community benefit by having a school that our new students can call “home” for an extended time while they adjust to a new culture and community.   The Park West Community has established this unique and nurturing environment which is of great benefit to our citizens and in turn to the entire Halifax Regional Municipality. 


In November of 2013, the Halifax Regional School Board boundary review process was triggered in response to the issue of over capacity of Grosvenor-Wentworth Park Elementary.  It was also stated Park West School (783 students was above its “functional capacity” of 660.  This argument was made that despite the lack of “significant potential for new residential development there is a positive migration pattern that has continued to cause increased enrolment for a number of years”. This does not make sense as in the absence of new residential development and a set boundary; the school population at Park West should not increase. The argument for increasing student enrollment has absolutely no merit!  In fact, enrollment will begin to decline over the next few years.  Also, if boundaries were enforced this number would come down significantly.


The School Board is proposing to solve this non-existent problem by removing grades 7,8 and 9 from Park West, requiring the students walk 45 minutes to school each way, and destroying the P-9 learning experience, and break up a very successful educational community. 

 This is also a safety issue.   Crossing the streets is always dangerous, especially for Children.  Dunbrack and Lacewood to name a few are always busy and have at least 4 lanes.  Why put the Children at risk, when they have a P-9 already in their neighborhood within walking distance!

HOWEVER THIS IS MOTIVATED, OR BY WHOSE AGENDA, OUR CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO WILL SUFFER!   There are many students outside the Boundaries of Park West who are attending who should not be, and this number is significant.  If the school and HRSB would enforce this boundary there would not be a need for any kind of review.  This information is not only kept from the parents but they are making decisions with our children’s future based on inaccurate information.  We will not let our children be forced out of their school.


We as parents and the community moved into that neighborhood to have our children go to Park West as a P-9, not be shipped out of the neighborhood.  


This diverse school community has been thriving.  During the 2012-2013 school year, Park West Students exceeded, sometimes dramatically so, the average Halifax Regional School Board assessment results for every grade tested (2,3,6 and 9) for both math and literacy!  IT IS CRITICAL THAT WE RETAIN THE FACTORS THAT MAKE PARK WEST SCHOOL GREAT: CULTURAL DIVERSITY, AS STUDENT LEADERSHIP CULTURE, AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE THAT IT IS DUE TO THIS UNIQUE P-9 BLEND OF CONTRIBUTING FACTORS THAT STUDENTS AT PARK WEST FUNCTION AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL.

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