Sidemoor first school parents demand answers and meeting with the LEA.

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With the current situation at the school we as parents need answers and demand that representatives from the LEA are held to account for their failings and come into school for a meeting with parents and staff to discuss these issues. 

I include a covering statement to the LEA which i will also be sending to local MP's and press.

An open letter from parents to the Worcestershire Local Education Authority and Babcock Prime regarding Sidemoor First School

In May 2017 Ofsted produced a report on Sidemoor First School that for the first time documented issues that parents had been concerned with for some time. Since then very little has been done to support the school. As parents, we feel that the leadership within the school is still sorely lacking.

Specifically, with regards to Mrs Jones, we feel that the LEA has not dealt with the situation as urgently as the situation requires, and as a result, has left the school to fend for itself by putting in place a series of temporary headteachers. These temporary placements have little vested interest in improving the situation for the staff or pupils. 

A school cannot function without clear leadership, without it the entire community suffers, as such, it is the LEA's urgent job to now take action regarding Mrs Jones' position. Only a conclusion to this issue will make it possible to fill the role of headteacher permanently, this is now an issue of overriding urgency.

Since the release of the Ofsted report, many wonderful and loved staff have chosen to leave the school. This compounds the problems by causing yet more upset and disruption to the pupils. 

As parents, we need to ensure the long term welfare of our children, and as such, we demand full transparency from the LEA with regards to actions being taken and the timeframes for their completion. As we approach the end of the school year we are now in a position where the current headteachers will be leaving and we have no information on who will replacing them. Once again this leaves the school leaderless, damaging our children and the future of our community. The fact that so many parents are choosing to remove their children from school should not be ignored. This is an unacceptable situation.

The LEA has not met their responsibility to the staff and children of the school with regards to its lack of support during its own process of forced academisation. The LEA has a responsibility to support the school fully until at such time an academy or sponsor is found. 

Additionally, the parents demand to know why the LEA stopped its support in school when the Spire trust originally expressed a interest in becoming the schools sponser when no official deal had been completed, we believe that this large lapse in support and early and wrongful handing over to the Spire trust allowed Mrs Jones to not continue with initial progress made by the LEA after the offsted report and in fact further added to the schools issues. We believe this has had a detrimental effect on the school and think the LEA should be held to account.

Sidemoor First School is a much loved and valuable part of our community ,however we feel long term harm is being done to the future of our children, this is something parents will fight for until their concerns are correctly and promptly addressed.


The parents of Sidemoor first school would like to invite the LEA to a face-to-face meeting to discuss these issues urgently. We also extend this invitation to:

- Our local MP, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid

- County councillor Luke Mallet, and 

- District councillor S.P Douglas


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