Mr Vo Kim Cu is a murder

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As a Vietnamese Canadian citizen, we would like to present to you this petition in regards of Mr. Vo Kim Cu, a high-ranking member of the Vietnamese Communist Party, who is attempting to apply for permanent residence under the Investment Immigration Program.

Mr. VO Kim Cu, a high-ranking member of the Vietnamese Communist Party who has held many important positions, among which, the positions of Political Commissar and Chairman (Province Chief) of the People’s Committee of the Province of Ha Tinh and Member of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National General Assembly.

In these positions, he played a crucial role in allowing the establishment of the Ha Tinh Formosa Steel Corporation plant in the Vung Ang Region of the Province of Ha Tinh which dumped millions of gallons of toxic wastes into the Pacific Ocean in 2016, leading to a monumental environmental disaster along 250 km of coastal area in Central Vietnam, causing the death of millions of fish and other sea creatures. This incident destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of thousand Vietnamese fishermen, pushing them into helpless poverty. Even though he was never tried by the Vietnamese justice he is undeniably responsible for that ecological disaster.

We believe that Canada, a country of law-abiding citizens who value democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights, has no place for such a criminal.

Therefore, we respectfully urge the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to deny the application for Canadian permanent residence status by this individual.