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Liverpool Council - Make Renbury Farm - NO KILL FACILITY

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This dog was killed today... He was only young.. We called him Captain


He was at Renbury Farm Animal Shelter in Western Sydney. His owner never bothered to microchip him or give him a collar and tag so we didn't know his real name but we called him Captain. I don't know if they loved him or not because they didn't bother to desex him or look for him at the pound. Did they dump him? Did he run away? We will never know...


The pound has been rather full lately I think there was about 40 other dogs there the day I visited. The sound of barking in the tin sheds was unbearable. He sat alone and scared in a 1mx3m concrete and metal cage.


I was told he was "aggressive" and that I couldn't walk him so I sat with him. He ate chicken and wagged his tail as we shared kisses through the wire and he pressed himself up against the wire for back scratches. He didn't bark or growl or respond to the other dogs nearby at all. Myself and the others who had visited him never saw an ounce of aggression from this beautiful little boy but we were all told time and again that he was "aggressive". He'd been there 12 long days by that stage. Had he slept in that time in his cold cage? Had he eaten properly? Had he been able to work out why he was there and why his family had gone away?


As he was deemed to be "aggressive" by Liverpool Council Rangers he was given a temperament test that afternoon which he failed. He was deemed to be dog aggressive without a dog even being brought near him. The lady who did the test said that if training had been available for him then he would of passed so a group of amazing animal people arranged it. He had a great facility to go to who promised to train him and keep him away from the public until he was deemed to be rehomeable. We called and begged the council to give him that chance. It was at no cost to them and there was no risk to the public.. What did they have to lose? An organisation called Barristers Animal Welfare Panel went in to bat for him too but Liverpool Council wouldn't budge. The decision was up to them and them alone and they decided to kill him.


According to the Companion Animals Act of NSW Part 7 Section 64 (5) "before destroying a seized or surrendered animal as authorised by subsection (1), it is the duty of the council concerned to consider whether there is an alternative action to that of destroying the animal and (if practicable) to adopt any such alternative." In my eyes they've broken the law.


In total Captain was there for 24 days locked in that small cage. He died alone and scared and will have been disposed of in the trash. Well to me he wasn't trash he was a beautiful young scared dog. Who knows how he would have gone in his assessment if it hadn't been conducted in such a stressful environment.. Who knows if desexing him or taking more than 10 minutes to assess him might have made a difference. We will never know because it is too late for our Captain.


Liverpool Council are taking over the running of Renbury Farm in November this year. They promised their electorate that it would be run as a no kill facility prior to the latest election. Is this their idea of No Kill?

 If you have been moved by Captains story and if you are sick of the rampant killing in Australia of companion animals (approx 200,000) every year please take the time to sign this petition so we can let NOT only the Liverpool Council but ALL Councils charged with running Animal shelters to STOP the unnecessary killing WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS! There needs to be change and it needs to happen NOW!  We IMPLORE Mike Baird and the NSW Government to step in and step up and regulate these shelters and make them NO KILL facilities!


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