Reopen Roy'Ale Spencer case

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My son was murdered in Wichita ks on January 21st of this year. He went to spend the night over his friends house and the next morning I got a call stating my son shot himself. (Which was a lie) after intial investigation the 11 year old boy admitted to pulling the trigger. I have been fighting for justice for my son since he was killed. My son was 9 years old. There were no fingerprints on the gun. But too many fingerprints on the gun safe. (That had been broken months prior) The 11 year old ran from the crime scene and was found an hour later. The day after my son was killied the family skipped town; the detective didn't even know that the family wasn't in town. My son was killed 8 am. His body wasn't picked up til 8 pm. That night. The detective states that he cannot give me an exact time.of death. They did not check for gun powder or dna on the guns. The news and the newspaper called it an accidental shooting the case has been closed as of February 27th. No charges were filed on the 11 year old or the mother not even a simple child endangerment on the mother. The DA said he could not find a malicious intent. And there are no safe storage law in Kansas. My son was shot in the mouth with a 410 shotgun. After the case was closed I contacted the Steve Wilkos show the family refused to go on the show a loe detector test. When I called the mother looking for answers she stated she couldn't give me the answers I was searching for and hung up. My son is black and the boy that killed my son was white. I am trying to bring awareness to my son's story. Please help me in any way you can.

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As of February 27th the DA refused to charge anyone in my son's case. Saying that the law is so vague that even though the gun safe was broken it still locked. I have started a petition for the Roy'Ale law. Where if a situation like this happens agaim another mother won't have to feel this pain i feel everyday. They have released the KORA REPORTS but refused to release audio video or pictures. I contacted Steve wilkos show and the other family refused to go on the show I'm still fighting for justice just need help getting the truth out about my son. Tomorrow marks 10 months that my son's life was taken and the pain is just as real as January 21st #IAMHISVOICE #ROYALELAW