Stop Factory Farming in Canada

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As you currently sit on your computer and view this petition, millions of animals all across the world in factory farms are suffering greatly. Farm animals unfortunately are rarely kept in family farms and are brought up with care and are instead born into manufactured factory farms with thousands of other animals. 

How animals are kept in factory farms: Low lighting, low air quality, no space to move, kept indoors, confined with gates and metal bars, fed antibiotics to compensate for the unsanitary living conditions, and unable to engage in natural behaviours and communicate with other animals. 

In addition to this, animals in factory farms are often handled roughly by their farmers as well as experience medical procedures like amputations without any anesthesia. 

Unfortunately, due to farmers not being able to make sufficient money as a family farmer, they have had to turn their farms into cooperations, thus inflicting pain, melancholy, and suffering on the animals involved in the operations. 

In order to help these animals, the government needs to revise their laws regarding animal agriculture. It would be in the animals best interest to have factory farming banned in Canada, so that farmers will be forced to reduce their farm size, thus allowing their animals to live in better conditions. If this petition of banning factory farming is successful, salvation for millions of animals annually will be made. If it is unfortunately unsuccessful, then animals will still have to go through torture every single day until the day that they are slaughtered. 

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