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Panicked Parrot Cries For Help While Biting Chain To Escape Stand That Crashes On Floor

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On August 10th, 2018 around 1:58 pm, a teal-yellow parrot chained to a stand with about a 3 foot (1 meter) metal chain, cries for help meanwhile the customers and male owner laughs at the bird. The bird sits on the stand outside the cafe of "DoppioZero - Eat in Style" at the address of Piazza Del Popolo, 50 in Sacile, Italy 33077. At 2:11 pm, I witnessed the parrot get very upset and scared after watching other unchained birds walk and fly around him. This situation has the bird very emotional which causes the stand to fall over and drags the bird to the cement ground. The bird lands on his feet still startled after the fall of the stand, the owner and customers continue to laugh at him. Afterward, the owner picks up the stand and puts the bird back onto the stand in the area where he sat. The bird continues to cry for 3 minutes, and the owner takes the bird into his deli at 2:14 pm. The bird could still be heard from inside the deli and continued to cry for help as he wants to be set free from the chain. Asking animal rights group LAV Pordenone at Via Trieste in Pordenone, Italy 33170 to get involved and please FREE the parrot & asking Sacile Sindaco Roberto Ceraolo to see that the Sacile Carabinieri fines the owner for animal neglect or such. Please contact Pordenone LAV at +39 320-479-5023 to see this bird set free and the local Sacile Sindaco (Mayor) at +39 434-787134. Thank you!


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