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WE DESERVE CLEAN WATER! We shouldn't have to use bottled water to brush our teeth!

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We the residents of Norton are fed up with the quality of our water. We DESERVE clean water to brush our teeth, bathe our children, cook our meals, feed our pets, wash our laundry, etc. The town of Norton's water has gotten increasingly worse over the past few years. Our water that we are supposed to use everyday, comes out of the tap brown, it looks like iced tea. It is ruining our appliances, water heaters, sinks, toilets, clothing, etc. Can you imagine what it is doing to our bodies? Brown water that is supposed to be completely healthy for us, it stains our sinks so of course it can stain our teeth too. I boiled water for pasta for my children the other day and had to throw it out, because when the water boiled over the bubbles and foam was brown and the pasta had a bit of a brown tint, and I didn't cook wheat pasta! How can we be expected to feed our children with this disgusting water? Often with the discolored water comes the lovely smell of chlorine while you are trying to brush your teeth, it smells like you are at a hotel pool. The town and state officials run their tests and say that everything that is in our water is safe, the levels are within the required limits. Guess what, that doesn't really matter! Our water is BROWN! We've all seen pictures that have circulated on Facebook and on the "Sick of Dirty Water in Norton Massachusetts" page. If you haven't check it out. See what we the residents of this lovely town are dealing with on a daily basis. How can we be expected to bathe in this water, cook with this water, do laundry in this water? When you take a shower and look down and see the brown water that you are standing in and cleaning yourself with, you often wonder am I really getting clean in this water? It is beyond gross. There are many times that parents aren't able to bathe their children because when they turn on the water it comes out of the faucet the color of mud. Imagine having a newborn in diapers that is in desperate need of a bath, but you can't possibly use the water that is coming out of the tap on your child, your only choice is to give them either a sponge bath with bottled water that you have to heat up, or use baby wipes to wipe them down. It is completely unacceptable and we the residents are outraged! We are expected to pay full price for the water that we are using, but with that comes the expectation that the water that we have access to is going to be clean and usable. We the residents are incurring many expenses because of the disgusting quality of our water. We are forced to buy bottled water, cleaning supplies to clean the staining in our homes that the water is causing, water filtration systems, hot water heaters, new clothing, etc. At no point has the water department tried to compensate us by giving us a discount on this awful water that we are forced to pay for in order to run our households. But they do offer a small bottle of cleaner to put in your laundry if it has ruined your clothes. Give me a break! How can town officials not push forward and demand that this problem is rectified immediately. Instead, if we do not pay our water bill the town puts a lien on our property, they have even gone as far as taking our hard earned money that was also paid to the town for our property taxes, and applied it to the water bill instead, and then our taxes become overdue and they charge us penalties, and they took it without any permission or approval. As far as I'm concerned that it stealing. We don't want to hear that the brown water is because of hydrant flushing because that is not true either, it may worsen the water sometimes when flushing is going on, but for some of us we have this BROWN water on a daily basis. Many of us have grown up here in Norton, and loved it so much we decided to raise our own families here. The water never looked like this. I have seen comments online from prospective home buyers saying that we love Norton for our family, but we can't move to a town that doesn't even have clean water, and I agree with them. If I was looking to move my family into a new town, I can be certain that it would be one that offered clean water for my family. If we have to pay for water, we are entitled to have clean water. We aren't living in a third world country, we are in a great town that we love very much. We the residents of NORTON need your help. Help us help you! 

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