Review of Gorge Hotel development (Launceston) height assessment and visual Impact

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In light of recent new information gathered, we have concluded that the Gorge Hotel developers planning assessment in regards to section 15.4.1 relies on interpretation of two preceding development rulings.

In the case of the Gorge hotel a radius of comparison in height has been set at 100 meters from the project. Which differs from the two cases it uses to gain approval of its massive height.

Secondly, in these two comparison cases used, the the proposed developments heights were only higher than one other building in their vicinities. Whereas, this we believe this does not compare to the Gorge development in which the height is  twice that of the highest surrounding buildings and will stand to become the tallest building in the two hundred and thirteen year old city.

furthermore, the developers and planners have declared that the visual aspects of the Gorge Hotel are fitting and complementary to that of Launceston’s overall streetscape image. We do not concur how one can have nor build argument over opinion that the approved planning of the Gorge hotel even in the slightest fits in or compliments Launceston's Colonial and Victorian heritage city streetscapes. Much of the City's buildings date back to 1824 and remains one of the oldest cities known in Australia (Common Knowledge). 

We have not mentioned the fact that the location of the proposed site is historically a waterway that ran along Margaret Street to Brickfields Park. Unaware of the weight of such a building could show potential risk to local infrastructure in particular immediate building foundations and parts of one of the oldest sewer systems in Australia.

We refuse to see that Planning of 123 Paterson Street Launceston, Gorge Hotel complies with Section 15.4.1 in regard Performance Criteria P1 compared to the Tribunal findings in other findings on height allowment.

We oppose the decision that the Paterson Street Hotel compliments the historic streetscape, overall city image nor from the riverbank perspective.