We need Lowanna Secondary college to have a pedestrian crossing!

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I am starting this petition for the simple safety factors of there not being a pedestrian crossing near Lowanna Secondry College. I am the mother to a visually impaired child that will be starting at Lowanna next year (2019). We have been doing transitions with Guide dogs, Vision Australia & I have been doing walks with my son as well, and even with having perfect vision it was still dangerous for my self to cross at the busy times due to so many cars and various speeds that they were travelling. When you factor in my sons vision it's close to near impossible for him to cross anywhere safely. There are 2 round abouts near lowanna where most children feel it's safe to cross and it has been safe so far but factoring in the fact that my son would not be able to see cars indicators until the car is close enough it becomes very dangerous. Some people may say well maybe he shouldn't be walking etc. But if they knew my child they would know all he wants is independence and to be a "normal" 12 yr old. How do you tell a independent person let alone a 12 yr child who doesn't want their disability to rule their life, that they cant do simple daily activities like walking to and from school? If everyone could sign this petition so that we can make the travel to school safely accessible to not only my son but everyone else it would be greatly appreciated.