Let's Get Pretty Boy Floyd On The MORC!!!!

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If there was a band that was the definition of "glam", it was without a doubt Pretty Boy Floyd. They were one of the most well known bands to burst onto the L.A Sunset Strip scene in the 1980's. Signed to a major label deal with MCA, after playing only 8 shows in Southern California and becoming the biggest draw in 1988, the band released their now "fan favorite" debut album, Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz which peaked at #130 on the U.S Billboard 200 chart and included two MTV videos/singles, "Rock and Roll" (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire) and "I Wanna Be With You".  Rolling Stone magazine ranked the album, one of the Top 50 glam metal albums of all time. After two hiatuses, the band reformed and has been busier than ever! Today, Pretty Boy Floyd, under Frontier Records released the album Public Enemies, and is set to release their second single/video after their 1st single/video for the album, "Feel The Heat" was well received. The band's new album is doing well on the charts in the U.K and Japan! Next year, the band's glam metal debut classic, "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz" celebrates its 30th anniversary. It's only appropriate to get them on the MORC! The band would be new comers on the ship, so that's even more reason to have the legendary L.A band a part of the already incredible lineup! \m/