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The Federal Railway Administration and the Maryland Transit Authority have quietly implemented a $28 million study to eventually build a $10 to $20 billion Super-Conducting (SC) Magnetic-Levitation (MAGLEV) train from Baltimore to Washington DC (with a single stop in-between at the Baltimore-Washington (BWI) airport). This train is being built and promoted for the "elite business traveler" and not for the masses due to limited access stations (just 3 access points, with 2 terminus stations and 1 intermediate station) and very high ticket prices. As currently proposed, the train will destroy historic Maryland communities, businesses, churches, schools, farms, and green spaces in Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties and force thousands of residents from their homes through eminent domain.  

The damage from the SCMaglev Train will be severe. It will cut densely-populated, quiet, well-established neighborhoods in two, demolish historic, religious, and civic buildings, isolate local businesses, wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems, and destroy precious open space. Thousands of homes will be forceably taken from long time residents through eminent domain. And in the end, it will put State and Federal taxpayers at risk for exorbitant maintenance and repair costs -- and if the project fails, it will fall on taxpayers to clean up the mess through State and Federal bailouts.

MAGLEV projects around the world have failed miserably, either going bankrupt or being abandoned in development, leaving the governments that contributed funds holding the bag. For example, the State of Virginia is owed $7 million for a loan to the American Maglev company on a 2.2 mile train at Old Dominion University that failed as soon as it was complete. There is little chance Virginia will ever see its money.

The Japanese company that makes MAGLEV systems can't sell them at home or abroad, so the Bank of Japan is bailing it out by pledging a $5 billion loan to Maryland to finance construction. 

The Maryland MAGLEV development process has been pushed along with very little notice to residents and very little stakeholder input. Only 16 residents were present at the first and only stakeholder meeting in Prince George's county because the administration mailed out about 600 postcards statewide and failed to advertise the meetings in major newspapers and social media sites.

Citizens Against This SCMaglev (CATS) is a grassroots group of citizens that began in Bowie, Maryland, and is fighting to stop this train in its tracks. We need your help.

Join us at, or on Facebook at Citizens Against SCMaglev, and SIGN THIS PETITION!

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