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I support the request for a Maryland Medicaid Fee Increase for Private Duty Nursing

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Since 2006 the State of Maryland Medicaid rate has increased by only 7.9%. Based on an annual average, that equals .72% each year over 11 years. Every year, the cost of living increases by 3%. The current reimbursement rate falls well below what it would be if there was a cost of living increase every year.

The need for an increase is extremely important for multiple reasons. The main reason is that the current reimbursement rate does not allow for Home Health Agencies to pay nurses a competitive salary compared to what other nursing positions pay. This provides a challenge with the current nursing shortage. Hiring qualified nurses at such a low rate is an insult to the industry. Providing care to technology dependent individuals in the home is much more cost effective than being in a hospital, yet the reimbursement rate is lower. This also affects the families of those that are medically fragile as they are sometimes left with no nursing coverage. With no coverage, primary caregivers of the patient are often times left with no choice but to call out of work to care for their family member. This results in lost wages and excessive missed time from their employment. It is unfair to the patient as well as they are not receiving the consistent skilled care that they are entitled too.

By providing an increase this will allow a less competitive market during this nursing shortage. It will allow caregivers the peace of mind that they would not compromise their employment. Most importantly, it would allow the patient to remain in their homes in a more cost effective and comfortable setting.  By signing this petition you are requesting the State of Maryland to increase the Medicaid Reimbursement Fee for Private Duty Nursing to a current date standard. 

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