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Stop monitoring your students' Twitter accounts

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I am a a senior at Bothell High School, located in Bothell, WA, approximately twenty mintues north of Seattle. Throughout my three years here, I have benefited from exceptional teachers, modern buildings, and all of the resources necessary to succeed.

However, my fellow students and I have also beeen subject to overreaching and unnecessary monitoring of our social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of students have regularly been subject to monitoring by the school administration, and countless students have been questioned and disciplined by the administration for things they have said online.

After an account using the name "NOT ________" (the blank field being the name of one of the school's assistant principals, withdrawn in the interest of privacy) became popular among the student body, the administration made things much worse. All too often, students are called in to the office and given a large list of names and encouraged to give up someone as the manager of the account. Administration seems less concerned with actually catching whoever is running the account and more concerned with making an example of someone.

One student and his family felt so harassed by the administration and their constant accusations of misbehavior that they are currently seeking legal action.

We, the students, believe our school district should be less concerned with what we say in 140 characters or less and more concerned with providing us a quality education.

We, the students, are frustrated with our class time being used up to talk to administrators about incidents that have no relation to us. We are tired of living in constant fear that someone who does not like us will turn us in and we will be punished without proof of our involvement.

We respectfully and cordially request that the Northshore School District discourage the administration of Bothell High School from any further interrogation of students without proof they have actually violated district policy. Furthermore, we request that the administration of Bothell High School respect our desire to seek an education and exercise restraint when it comes to their handling of internet-related discipline cases.



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