Justice for Daniel Hernandez

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Daniel Hernandez was murdered by the Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD on April 22, 2020. Our brother was in a multi-vehicle accident. He was not rendered any medical aid. He allegedly had a box cutter. The LAPD officer Toni McBride shot our brother twice. He fell to the ground. She shot him at least four more times while on the ground. One of the bullets was to the head. There were many bystanders who live-streamed it on Facebook and other social media outlets. He was clearly far away from the officer and did not pose any danger to her life or the other police officers. There were no attempts to de-escalate the situation. There was no coverage of this officer-involved shooting beyond he was shot. Does the City of LA give LAPD a pass on police brutality? Please investigate this story…We plead with you to watch the videos from different angles. You will realize that the LAPD officer did not attempt to de-escalate the situation,  just like the murderer of George Floyd, she knew nothing would happen to her. As a white woman and an LAPD officer, she used her privilege to get away with shooting a brown man in Historic South Central LA in the middle of a pandemic. After he was shot, the LAPD officers did not approach him for almost two minutes. Were the police officers that afraid of Danny after he was shot at least 6 times? When they did approach him it was almost two minutes after, then they turned him around to handcuff him. He was shot in the head and they handcuffed him. The paramedics arrived and gave him no medical aid because he was dead. Our family is devastated by the policies of LAPD and the actions of LAPD officer Toni McBride. She is well protected since her dad is a Director for the LAPD union, Jamie McBride. Toni McBride is protected by the union and all of her dad’s cop buddies. We are frustrated at the lack of response from our local leaders to manage the LAPD. Jackie Lacey doesn’t do anything either.

 We want to share this website because they did write about Danny’s murder and have two different videos. The last video clearly shows the indifference of the LAPD officers and their lack of humanity. Please copy and paste in browser to view. Thank you for your time. Please help us.

There were two Daniel Hernandezes murdered by LAPD Shootin' Newton Division in April 2020. That is two different people.




We immediately demand that Jackie Lacey and the federal government prosecute Toni McBride for murder, and LAPD terminates Toni McBride. 

With Appreciation,

The Hernandez Family