Secondary inlaw/family dwelling allowed on SR properties of Langley Township BC Canada

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Currently, according to the Langley Township Bylaw 301.2, only 1 single family dwelling is allowed per lot in the Suburban Residential areas. Bylaw allows for a basement suite for parents or family members but a basement suite isn't always an option due to the design of the home or physical abilities of the parents.

A secondary residence doesn't change the parking required, or the water/septic use. We're allowed to have a huge workshop but we can't convert a portion of that workshop into housing for aging parents. 

The Township says that they're working to make Langley Township more accessible to seniors but they're not making it easier for us to stay in our own homes. With the housing crisis, more families are choosing to live together creating the sandwich generation with young adults living with both their parents and their children at home.

There are so many benefits to co-housing, It not only helps to maximize the use of existing housing but it also helps to keep seniors out of seniors homes freeing up space for those that really need it. It enriches their lives by having children and grandchildren close by and keeps them more physically and socially active.

Homes in Clayton have primary housing, a basement suite, plus a carriage house but no parking due to the tiny lots. Our lots are mostly over 10,000 sq ft, double the size of the Clayton lots. We should be allowed to add a small "laneway" home for our aging family members. 

Please help to change the current bylaw to allow secondary housing for family.