Heritage Protection of Yorks Corner Shop Riverview

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Rumours have been spreading that the Riverview Shops will be developed with shops on the bottom and units on the top.  The Riverview Shops managing agents have categorically denied this rumour and say that the shops will not be redeveloped.

There might not be any current plans to redevelop this site, but there is nothing stopping redevelopment in the future.

At a Lane Cove Council meeting on 3 June 1996 it was resolved to designate Yorks Corner as a historical locality.  However it appears that no further action was taken and Yorks Corner is currently not on the list. 

The York Corner shops is an example of local neighbourhood shops. Lane Cove used to have a few example of neighbourhood shops, but they are now gone.  Some of you may remember Taylor's Corner at the junction of Pacific Highway and Longueville Road or Blaxland Corner where River Road and Kenneth Road converge.

In 1923 two shops were built on Tambourine Bay Road, a butcher shop and a grocery shop. In 1938 Roland and Majorie York rented the grocery shop  Five Adjoining shops were constructed in 1956. 

Marjorie York celebrated her 100th birthday on 22 July 1999 and the Lane Cove Council acknowledged the role she played in the Riverview community by renaming Apex Park to Marjorie York Park.  Marjorie passed away oon 3 August 1999. 

It would be a shame to see Marjorie York's pioneering contribution as corner shop owners removed from Riverview by a combined residential/commercial development.

ITC has started this petition to Lane Cove Council to take steps to protect the heritage of the Riverview shops and to work with the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage to preserve the shops.