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Improve the Basketball facilities in Lane Cove!

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There are no public full size basketball courts in the Lane Cove area!  

By contrast, for example, the Willoughby Council has at least 11 full size courts.

Please help change this by showing your support  in a petition to the Lane Cove Council.

  • A significant and growing number of young basketball players live in the Lane Cove area.   Currently, in two Lane Cove youth basketball  clubs, there are over 500 members.  Many more play through other clubs in the Northern Suburbs basketball association competition, as well as through their schools.
  • Basketball participation among children across Australia continues to grow, defying a national trend of decreased team sport participation (ABS, 2012). 
  • The population of the Lane Cove area is projected to expand to over 41,000 (by over 25%) in 2026, with a majority of the population living in apartments or multi-dwelling facilities.  
  • Basketball facilties are particularly well-suited to an increasingly urban environment.  
  • Basketball facilities are multi purpose facilities. Netball, tennis, handball, badminton and a wide range of other games can all be played on the same space. 

We can't keep increasing our density without expanding our spaces to play.  We can't easily grow many more ovals.   But with the right planning, we can incorporate new basketball facilities into new developments, expand existing facilities to build full size courts where young and old can play together, building fitness, community ties and social cohesion. 

What we want?

  • Convert existing facilities. There is a half-court at Blackman Oval - which replaced a run down full-size court that was torn down during the renovation of the grounds. There is also an old hoop at the wrong height with an uneven square of concrete at Kingsford Smith Oval.  Both of these facilities, for a modest cost, could be transformed into full-size Courts.
  • Build new facilities.  As the Council approves an ever expanding number of residential and commercial developments, adding multipurpose sporting facilities, which include basketball Courts, should be a mandatory requirement.  

How YOU can help change this?

Lane Cove Council currently has money and power to do something about this. It might not for much longer.  The opportunity is here now. But, to motivate it to act, it needs evidence of demand.  That is, YOU, as a member of the community, need to be a voice that the Council hears.

Please show your support by signing the petition.    Thank you!



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