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##### With our heavy hearts and not reaching the 100,000 signatures goal, we are putting this petition to an end as requested by some individuals and organisations. A million heartfelt thanks to all supporters from 3 different countries who came by and stay united in one voice to sign this petition. Best wishes to Abang Go-jek. You have all of us behind you, from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia #####

Please do not chip any cash amount if you have doubts on how operates. We, the starters of this petition do not collect any funds for any individual or organisations, not even pocketing any money chipped in upon signing this petition. You can choose to skip the payment part and continue to sign the petition like how most of the signers did. This is not a monetary donation move but will act as an appeal to LTA to not revoke Abang's PDVL. There is no reason why any monetary donation should be involved in this case as Abang is still fit and healthy to earn a decent living for his family. There is no bank account number or card details attached to this petition. If u have donated any amount please revert to as our main and only purpose is to email LTA our petition once we have enough signatures. We are targeting to reach 100,000 signatures. If this is for monetary donation, you will see the amount collected so far and the targeted amount on the goal bar above but not for this petition where we only need signatures and is clearly stated in the progress bar above. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NEED ONLY SIGNATURES NOT FUNDS! This is not any scam but an initiative as a back up appeal for Abang. We truly apologised to Abang and other parties who are affected by this petition as Abang was never personally informed beforehand by our team prior to this petition when it was first put up to reach for public support. 

Abang Go-Jek driver may be investigated by LTA following and faces possible suspension. Go-Jek has reassured him today no action will be taken against him after they reviewed the video following a complaint lodged by the passenger Jovina Choi who accused him of kidnapping and held her as a hostage. 

Abang has three children and is the sole breadwinner of his family. The loss of income during the period of possible suspension will hit his finances hard.

Under LTA regulations, PHVs are not allowed to have inward facing cameras and recording devices and Abang has breached the Road Traffic Act too by uploading the video of the altercation and sharing his conversation with the passenger publicly.

According to existing laws, Abang can be docked 21 demerit points and fined $500 for sharing the video publicly which will automatically disqualify him from driving Go-Jek.


Let's join in this petition to save Abang in hope he will not lose his license from driving private hire vehicles (PDVL).

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