Royal Preston Hospital provide enough parking for all staff

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The lack of parking at Royal Preston hospital has been a contentious issue for some time but in recent weeks, with the introduction of a new system, things have come to a head.  There are nowhere near enough parking spaces for the number of staff employed at the site, resulting in them having no other option than to park on nearby streets.  Understandably, this is at the annoyance of local residents, who have their residential areas clogged up with vehicles 24/7.  There have been incidents of vandalism to some cars, verbal abuse and unkind notes, which although unacceptable, highlights the frustration of the hospitals neighbours.  Staff and residents are helpless, as they are both victims of the refusal from the hospital management to provide adequate resources for the people who work there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

It is now time for action.  We the staff and residents of Preston Royal Hospital demand that the multi storey car park, for which there is planning permission approved, is built as a matter of urgency.